Clean Drive Fuel Additive TWIN PACK

Clean Drive Fuel Additive TWIN PACK

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What is CleanDrive and what does it do?

CleanDrive is a revolutionary fuel compound to improve your car’s performance, scientifically proven to enhance the fuel efficiency and overall performance of a car by improving the combustion process and fuel efficiency of its engine.
CleanDrive cleans the fuel pump, the connecting pipeline, the common rail, the injectors,  the Diesel Particulate Filter, the catalytic converter and lubricates the engine wall. The clean fuel system delivers a more regular, better-atomised fuel spray, improving the combustion process and engine fuel efficiency.
Engines cleaned by CleanDrive have a proven, measurable improvement in their performance.

What are the benefits of CleanDrive?

Clean Drive

  • Improves fuel efficiency by up to 15%*
  • Reduces harmful emissions by up to 60%*
  • Safe for use in Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid engines
  • Independently tested for 18months by the University of Leicester (UK)
  • Only needs to be used once every three months
  • CleanDrive cleans cares and improves the condition of your engine- in just one step
  • Resolves MOT emissions test failure after just one use
  • Cleans the fuel pump, the connecting pipeline, the common rail (diesel vehicles), the injectors, Lambda/oxygen sensor, Diesel Particulate Filter, catalytic converter and lubricates the engine wall
  • Bottles are 100% recyclable

*Dependent on age and condition of engine

Independently tested

CleanDrive has undergone two years of independent testing at the University of Leicester. CleanDrive Systems UK Ltd developed the engine fuel cleaning compound. The University of Leicester tested its performance by conducting back to back engine tests before and after treating an engine, with CleanDrive conforming to a test adapted from the New European Drive Cycle, Type 1 test 91/441/EEC.

How often should I use CleanDrive?

You only need to add CleanDrive to your fuel tank once every three months (one 475ml bottle). However, if your vehicle does a lot of stop/starts or minimal motorway miles, you may benefit from adding it every 60 days.

How can I maximise the result of CleanDrive?

1. Check you have less than or equal to 1/4 of a tank of fuel in your tank (3-4 gallons)
2. Add the entire contents of the bottle into the fuel tank
3. Drive normally for about 6 miles
Enjoy more fuel efficient and cost effective driving!